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Home Charging

Advanced Charging Solution powered by Shell Recharge.
Smart & connected AC charge point, home installation package, online charge point management, and support.

Faster Charging

Charge with speeds up to 22kW, up to 8x faster than with a regular plug.


Connect your charge point to smart services via a 4G, WiFi or ethernet connection.

Secure access

Control who can access your charge point through RFID user authentication technology.


Benefit from a standard 2-year warranty on your charge point and complete installation.

VinFast Home Charge

Remote Control

Operate and manage your charge point easily via our web app, wherever you are.

Charging Insights

Keep track of your personal charging history and gain insight into your energy consumption and costs.

Automatic reimbursement of charging costs

Save time by having your home charging costs automatically reimbursed by your employer.

Scheduled charging

Schedule charge sessions to benefit from the lowest charging tariffs.

VinFast Home Charge

Home Charger

Shell Recharge Advanced Home charge point allows you to charge your vehicle with speeds up to 22kW.

VinFast Protable Charge

Portable Charger

Included with your VinFast for range top-up during a road trip or occasional charging.

Public Charging

Our e-mobility service platform provides access to an extensive public charging network throughout Europe. You can charge at any of the 700.000+ charge points across Europe.

VinFast AC Charging

Destination Charging

Park for a few hours at a shopping centre, or at your workplace or stay overnight at your weekend getaway. Simply plug in and enjoy your activity.

Destination Charging typically involves AC charge points where it takes about 8 hours to charge your VinFast car to 100% fully charged.

VinFast DC Charging

On-the-Go Charging

Quickest way to top up the battery on the road. Simply plug in and get a cup of coffee. With the VinFast App, you can monitor your charging session and get notified when you’re ready to continue your travel. It takes about 31 minutes to charge the car from 10 to 70%.4

Authenticate Two Ways


Authenticate to charge

Take a break


Enter a destination and Trip Planner calculates your route including charging stops along the way.

Plug in the connector, use your VinFast Charging Card or VinFast App to start charging. Alternatively, with Plug & Charge standard, simply plug in and enjoy if the charging station supports it. Simply search for Plug & Charge stations in the VinFast App.

Sit back, stretch your legs and relax while your EV is being fast-charged before continuing the trip.

View your charging session in real time and get ready to go. Set the VinFast App to notify you when target charge level is reached.

VinFast Route

& Charging planning

Type your destination in the VinFast App or on the screen in the vehicle and let VinFast automatically calculate your route with chargers along the way that are part of VinFast supported network.


Type 2
Charging Cable

Included with your VinFast car for a road trip or charging at a destination.

VinFast App

VinFast App

The experience of driving a VinFast car is enhanced when linked to the VinFast App. VinFast App lets you control the ownership and usage of your vehicle and gives you access to 700.000+ charge points across Europe. You can plan your route, start charging, manage payments, set charging profiles, monitor energy usage plus more.

Coming Soon
VinFast App

VinFast Charging Card

In order to access all of the charging stations the VinFast Charging Card is necessary.

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1) Network of charging stations provided by Bosch Mobility, official partner of VinFast. Further information is available here.

2) This option is only available when using the Shell App and involves additonal costs for using the service.

3) Time may vary depending on the vehicle, the charging conditions, including charger type and conditions, battery temperature and ambient temperature at point of use.

4) Charging time shown is based on the use of a CCS 250 kW fast charger. Time may vary depending on the vehicle, the charging conditions, including charger type and conditions, battery temperature and ambient temperature at point of use.