VinFast VF 8’s safety-first European sales given award-winning charge

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Safety is at the heart of VinFast’s commitment to revolutionising the European EV market. Driven by a desire to make every trip as safe and serene as the entire VinFast ownership journey, the electric vehicle manufacturer has equipped its first eSUV for Europe, VF 8, with an array of standard safety features comprehensive enough to receive critical industry acclaim.

  • VF 8 achieves outstanding Child Occupant Protection rating in first Euro NCAP test results.

  • VinFast becomes first manufacturer to win five out of six award categories in rigorous ASEAN NCAP tests.

  • VF 8 commended for comprehensive standard safety technology and equipment, including fitting of class-leading 11 airbags.

In its bid to be an EV and automotive safety pioneer, the VinFast VF 8 has won five ASEAN NCAP awards in its latest New Car Assessment Program, and achieved an exceptional 89% score for child occupant protection during its debut Euro NCAP test. The VF 8’s Euro NCAP category score was among the absolute best of any vehicle tested in a 12-month period.

In awarding VF 8 wins in the Best Child Occupant Protection, Best Safety Assist, Best Motorcyclist Safet, Best SUV and Best Overall categories, Mr. Yahaya Bin Ahmad, ASEAN NCAP Technical Director, commented that it was the first time the organisation had awarded five wins to a single manufacturer, and that “the achievement underscores VinFast’s aspiration to position itself as a safety leader in their dedication to cutting-edge technology and significant investments.”

Mr. Bin Ahmad also went on to state that VinFast had equipped VF 8 with “exceptional safety features that meet rigorous international standards”, which is also reflected by the eSUV’s extremely impressive Euro NCAP results.

A key factor in VF 8’s safety focus is the breadth of its standard Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) package. Cameras and sensors closely monitor road and traffic conditions to help maintain safe distances, warn of lane departures and provide autonomous braking. In emergency situations, VinFast believes that, when it comes to saving lives and making global road networks safer, prevention is just as crucial as cure.

For example, VF 8’s standard ADAS includes high-end functions such as highway driving assistance, traffic jam assist, lane keeping assist, lane departure warning, collision warning, smart speed adjustment, traffic sign recognition and autonomous emergency braking (AEB). However, as part of a unique safety offering, VinFast does not stop at advanced technologies, choosing to support their integration with more traditional approaches such as a class-leading 11 passenger airbags.

VF 8’s Euro NCAP results make remarkable reading for a debut test. As part of its commendation for child protection, it was noted that child mannequins were well protected in all critical body areas in both frontal and side impact tests, underlining VinFast’s desire to make VF 8 the ultimate affordable family eSUV.

The test vehicle, VF 8 Plus with standard safety features and technology, also scored highly in vulnerable road user protection, and safety assist systems categories. The performance of its AEB system, developed in-house by Vingroup, was also highly commended for its protection of cyclists and pedestrians. Pedestrians are protected not only from vehicles on their approach, but also while reversing, and VF 8 will warn a driver against opening their door if a cyclist is approaching from behind, such as from within a blind spot. This functionality gives a huge boost to safety in busy urban environments, in particular.

The VF 8 AEB system also achieved maximum scores in Euro NCAP tests involving motorcyclists, further showcasing VinFast’s dedication to protecting not only its own customers, but all vulnerable road users.

Buoyed by its successes, VinFast has continued to refine its European homologation and aims to have VF 8 retested later this year to achieve a Euro NCAP 5-star rating, having previously narrowly missed the top mark by only 4%.

Customers lucky enough to have already received their VF 8 orders have immediately noted the model’s exceptional safety characteristics. Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Suong credited the ADAS in her VF 8 for “kicking in and saving me” in averting two emergency situations, while a systems engineer customer in France stated that he chose a VF 8 Plus having identified VinFast as a “newcomer to the electric vehicle market with the potential to compete” with established manufacturers.

VinFast customers will continue to feel the benefit of advancements in safety technologies: existing vehicles receiving over-the-air updates and new models becoming ever-safer thanks to an evolving technology landscape shaped by VinFast experts and strategic safety alliances with European giants such as ZF.