May 25th 2023


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Hà Nội, Vietnam - Paris, France, May 25th 2023 – VinFast and BCA Europe have announced a new three-year Pan-European agreement on trade-in activities. This new partnership will create a fully digital and in-store trade-in solution to provide European customers with a convenient, seamless experience in their transition to electrified mobility.


From June 2023, VinFast will integrate BCA’s trade-in module into its website to offer customers an easy way to sell their trade-in vehicles effortlessly and remotely.

Once customers complete the configuration of their new VinFast vehicle on the Company’s website, they will access the seamless online trade-in module at the end of the ordering process. After providing standard information about their vehicle, customers receive a binding value for their trade-in vehicle. Then, they can choose to sell their trade-in instantly with just one simple click, thanks to BCA’s support for backing this binding valuation.

If a customer decides to go to a VinFast flagship store, BCA will also provide VinFast’s product experts with the BCA mobile application “MarketPrice” to assist them in getting a binding price after describing the customer's trade-in vehicle in real-time. This mobile app, used in VinFast stores, and the trade-in solution available on the VinFast website are linked to a unified pricing system. This integration ensures consistency and facilitates a seamless online to offline journey for European customers.

Thanks to BCA Europe’s IT toolkit and extensive experience in used vehicle pricing at the European level, VinFast will be able to provide a binding price in a complete online journey without requiring the customer to go to a physical location for an inspection.

Once the new VinFast vehicle has been delivered to the customer, BCA will provide all the logistical solutions for the transportation and storage of the traded-in vehicle and prepare its sale on the BCA marketplace, the largest B2B used car remarketing platform in Europe with buyers from 47 countries.

Mr. Jean Christophe Mercier, Deputy CEO of After Sales and Customer Experience of VinFast in Europe, said: “Embracing the “customer-centric” philosophy, VinFast is keen on offering easy and comfortable solutions to its customers. In addition to our outstanding aftersales, VinFast commits to bringing effortless trade-in solutions and competitive valuations through collaboration with BCA. Together we can make the transition to electrified mobility a sustainable and reliable choice for European customers.”

Mr. Jean-Roch Piat, CEO of BCA Europe, said: “BCA is proud to support the launch of VinFast’s innovative EV products across Europe by providing leading and seamless trade-in solutions throughout Mainland Europe. We are dedicated to delivering an outstanding service that will set the path for a long-term fruitful collaboration with VinFast.”

VinFast has established a retail and service network in major European cities and built a comprehensive service system to ensure that they are fully prepared to serve customers promptly as soon as their cars are on the road. The collaboration with BCA demonstrates the commitment to excellent experiences throughout VinFast's electric vehicle ownership journey and marks a step towards furthering its launch into the European markets.

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About VinFast

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About BCA

BCA is the largest used cars marketplace in Europe, remarketing more than 1.5 million cars annually across 14 markets through its European marketplace.

BCA has developed innovative pan-European solutions on all the used cars value chain (remarketing, trade-in, sourcing, logistics, etc.) which can fit the needs of all automotive stakeholders: OEMs, dealership groups, short term rental and, leasing companies, EV specialist, auto classifieds, etc.